Math Bop - Mastering Math Through Music

Welcome to Math Bop!

Front cover of Math Bop CD

Crew Creations presents Math Bop, the instructional math music CD for kids.  Bring Dina Crew’s math activities into your home or school, and give your children the math help they need.  Kids’ math should be fun, and Math Bop makes learning math like a game.  With songs and jingles and fun-filled rhymes, kids will sing Math Bop all the time.

It’s Elementary!

Back cover of Math Bop CDMath Bop puts a musical twist on elementary math.  A first grader can preview new math skills while a sixth grader can reinforce previously learned skills.  Siblings and families can sing and learn together.  Whether practicing at home or school, Math Bop is the best math tool!  

Math Songs for Success!

Dina Crew’s implementation of Math Bop has enabled her students to reach the highest levels of achievement on standardized assessments.  Her math classes have consisted of regular education students, as well as students with varying exceptionalities, and all have benefited from her math songs.

  • FCAT 2013: Out of 43 students: 100% made learning gains; #1 in the district; #6 in the state
  • FCAT 2012: Out of 44 students: 38 scored a Level 5 (20 earned 100%); 6 scored a Level 4
  • FCAT 2011: Out of 36 students: 33 scored a Level 5 (16 earned 100%); 3 scored a Level 4
  • FCAT 2010: Out of 36 students: 26 scored a Level 5 (6 earned 100%); 10 scored a Level 4
  • FCAT 2009: Out of 35 students: 28 scored a Level 5 (7 earned 100%); 7 scored a Level 4
  • FCAT 2008: Out of 29 students: 12 scored a Level 5; 17 scored a Level 4
  • FCAT 2007: Out of 34 students: 22 scored a Level 5 (3 earned 100%), 11 scored a Level 4; 1 scored a Level 3

NOTE: FCAT (Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test) Levels of Achievement:
Levels 5 & 4 (above grade level); Level 3 (on grade level); Levels 2 & 1 (below grade level)